Crab and spinach eggs benedict


This is our favourite crabbie-brunch, Crab and Spinach Eggs Benedict - perfect for a Sunday morning.  If you have ever wondered how to get the perfect hollandaise, check out our tips below.  


  • Pasteurised egg yolk
  • Lemon juice and rind
  • Garlic clove
  • Thyme
  • Mace
  • Star anise
  • Banana shallot
  • Black pepper corns
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Block of unsalted butter
  • Tabasco
  • Wostershire sauce
  • Maldon Salt
  • White pepper
  • Washed and picked spinach
  • Hand picked Hythe Bay brown crab
  • English muffin sliced in half 

First you need to get your butter into a small saucepan (reserving a small knob for your spinach wilting later). On a low heat, melt the butter, being careful not to burn it. A slight browning is fine, it will add an awesome nutty flavour to your hollandaise. Once the butter has melted there will be a white foam on top where the whey has split from the butter. With a spoon, skim this off the foam and bin it. Leaving the golden liquid in the pan. You now have clarified butter, great news!! To this, add the garlic clove, thyme, mace, star anise, lemon rind and a few slices of shallot. Keep it on the low heat for about 10 minutes to infuse. Pass through a sieve and retain the spiced butter. Keep warm. 

Now pour about 3 tablespoons worth of egg yolk in to a warmed metal or glass bowl. (You can pour hot water into the bowl to heat it, just make sure it's dry and not mega-hot before you add the yolks). Add a small cap full of the vinegar to the yolks and whisk well. DO NOT add any salt to this mix!!! This will result in the hollandaise splitting later. 

Now the fun part. Slowly, slowly add the warm melted butter, whisking all the time to emulsify the eggs and butter. Just a drizzle at at time! You cannot do this too slowly. 

You can tell if you have split your mix by taste and sight. (Split is when emulsification has not happened and the butter has not combined with the egg yolk) 

To taste a split....

You will taste the butter first and then the vinegar a second or so later. If this happens bin it and  start again.

Seeing a split is next level moves.

Use all the melted butter.

Once you have a fine looking glossy egg/butter mix it's time to season. A pinch of salt and white pepper to taste.

A slash of Wostershire and 4 drops of Tabasco. TASTE TASTE TASTE!

Add a squeeze of lemon if you like. 

Power-boom. Hollandaise.

Keep it warm. If it goes cold it's dead.

Melt your knob of butter in a mega large frying pan. Add salt and black pepper and fill the pan with washed spinach. Watch it wilt. Splash a bit of water on it to hurry it up. Once wilted throw it in a collider and with some tongs squeeze out all the excess water. Keep warm. Check your seasoning.

Toast the muffin.




White crab meat on top of the spinach.      

(Reserve the brown meat. Make another load of spiced butter and mix together, keep it in the fridge. Brown crab rillets!)

Loads of hollandaise everywhere.

Stick a poached egg on top for Benedict style.

Et voila!